I prefer these A LOT, nevertheless they are not perfect. For the money they are hard to beat. I substituted the component speakers within my 2005 GMC Yukon with the Pyle 2-Way Part system. If you are handy, you can mount them, but this is not a drop in installation. Opening the package deal, the crossovers look good. MAKE SURE TO MAKE USE OF THE CROSSOVERS! Otherwise you will get to much midrange and blow the tweeters. In the GENERAL MOTORS CO, I removed the door panels, removed the woofers. The old woofers have integrated custom mounting hardware, but the 6. 5" Pyle woofers fit correctly. I used self tapping sheet metal screws to mount the speakers.

We wired the crossover and mounted it to the inside of the door PRIOR to mounting the woofer. Since GM works the stock woofer at full range you can use those wires for the crossover input (see polarity chart for GENERAL MOTORS CO below). Guarantee the polarity is correct or one speaker will simply stop out the bass of the other. Just because they work does not mean the wiring is correct. I then removed the tweeter from the door. I cracked the two small tabs keeping the tweeter magnet and pried the magnet from the front of the tweeter. Then i installed the Pyle tweeters to the front of the old tweeter and remounted it in the door. Note: this will ruin the old tweeters. I actually mounted everything back and they sounded really good.

Bass surpasses the stock system, top quality is MUCH BETTER. I can almost run the EQ flat in the stereo and get nice sound. They play nice loud through my Alpine in dash audio system with out external amp. With a subwoofer it would be a pretty great system as they usually tend to buzz a lttle bit at very high levels with lots of bass. My own guess is they go down to about 60 Hz or so. That they will not THUMP but you will crystal clear highs, nice midrange and some nice bass at moderate levels.